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July 2016

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Monroe County Launches New Website

In an effort to better serve the Citizens of Monroe County, we are in the process of launching this new site in a series of phases. We are currently in a 'beta testing' phase, and encourage you to evaluate and provide feedback on the site as you go through it. You can direct said feedback to our web development partners by emailing:

Monroe County Celebrates Its Bicentennial During 2016

Monroe County is celebrating its Bicentennial during 2016 with a variety of events and activities. We've included their latest video post below, but you can Find out more about this year-long celebration!

July 04, 2016 Events

  1. Independence Day - Courthouse closed - More Event Info

July 07, 2016 Events

  1. Monroe County Planning Commission Meeting - More Event Info

July 18, 2016 Events

  1. Monroe County Board of Commissioner's Meeting - More Event Info
  2. Nursing Home Endowment - More Event Info

July 20, 2016 Events

  1. Monroe County Board of Health - More Event Info

July 26, 2016 Events

  1. Monroe Randolph Regional Office of Education - Maidez - More Event Info

July 28, 2016 Events

  1. Fountain Water District Meeting - More Event Info